Video From Live FEEDBACK FRIDAY: The Mushroom Color Atlas

This past week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had Mushroom Color Atlas Founder, Julie Beeler! Julie talked about her Mushroom Color Atlas which is a resource and reference for everyone curious about mushrooms and the beautiful and subtle colors derived from them. Julie says the atlas is also the start of a journey and a point of departure, introducing people to the kaleidoscopic fungi kingdom and our connection to it. Her hope is that everyone will be inspired to learn more about the mycological world, and begin to understand the importance of the networks, connections and symbiotic relationships that live in our forests. Most importantly, understanding our impact on these delicate networks and our role as stewards of the land, bringing positive change to our local environments and our planet.

Watch the recording here.

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Here are some links Julie wanted to share with you all:
International Fungi & Fiber Symposium, hosted in Port Townsend Oct. 16-22, 2022

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake
Natural Dyes by Dominique Cardon
Mushroom for Dyes Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments and Myco-Stix™ by Miriam Rice
The Rainbow Beneath My Feet: A Mushroom Dyer’s Field Guide by Arleen R. Bessette, Alan E. Bessette

Local Area Field Guide Books
Mushrooms of Cascadia by Michael Beug
Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast by Noah Siegel and Christian Schwarz

Local Area Mycological Societies *There are numerous other ones that people can google search to find in their specific area.
Puget Sound Mycological Society
Yakima Valley Mycological Society
Oregon Mycological Society
Cascade Mycological Society

Non Profit
The International Mushroom Dye Institute

Julie’s website
The Mushroom Color Atlas


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