10 Natural Dye Instagram Feeds We Can’t Get Enough Of

We love being inspired by our community and to see who is doing what and where! While some of these feeds are a little new to Instagram, others are seasoned members and continue to inspire.

Here are 10 feeds we can’t stop going back to but are no means the complete list. Who have we forgotten? Let us know and we’ll add on!

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A Verb For Keeping Warm
Kristine Vejar, Oakland, CA


“Spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, weaving, and sewing are all verbs used to describe how communities have created cloth, garments, and other fiber-based goods. Such acts embody love and creativity. And such objects provide protection from the elements and keep us warm. Our company honors these traditions by offering a wide range of textile related raw materials, such as fiber, yarn, and fabric, along with classes to instill the skill and practice of creating your own clothing and warmth.”

Honest Alchemy Co
Elizabeth McTear, Philadelphia, PA

honest alchemy co

Utilitarian art for the everyday. Hand-dyed goods crafted from natural fibers and plant-based pigments. Consciously handmade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rebecca Burgess, San Geronimo, California


Fibershed writes “We envision the emergence of an international system of regional textile communities that enliven connection and ownership of ‘soil-to-soil’ textile processes. These diverse textile cultures are designed to build soil carbon stocks on the working landscapes from which they depend, while directly enhancing the strength of regional economies. Both fiber and food systems now face a drastically changing climate, and must utilize the best of time-honored knowledge and available science for their long-term ability to thrive.”

The Dogwood Dyer
Liz Spencer, Brooklyn, New York


“Liz Spencer is the dogwood dyer. She creates high quality hand made accessories & garments from ethically sourced fibers & dyestuffs. In the country & along roadsides surrounding New York City wild & abundant plants are responsibly collected throughout the year, particularly in the warmer spring & summer seasons, then used to extract natural color for dyeing. Many plants are also grown in her urban Brooklyn streetside planters. No chemicals whatsoever are used in the process.”

Folk Fibers
Maura Grace Ambrose, Austin, Texas

folk fibers

“Handcrafted quilts and naturally dyed fabrics. Living my dreams, deep in the heart of Texas.

Gutter Rat Dyeing Co.
Kathleen Dycaico, Brooklyn, New York

gutter rat dyeing co

“A daily dye practice to extract & investigate the substances inherent in urban existence developing deeper relationships w/ the world around (me) (us).”

On a Colonial Farm
Brece Honeycutt, Sheffield, MA

on a colonial farm

“Seven years ago, we moved to a former ‘frontier’ settlement and now live in a 1753 center chimney colonial house.  Living in a house over 250 years old gives one much to ponder.  I wonder who lived here, what they did and how they lived on the land.  The musings in the posts are spurred by the house and land, as well as seeking answers from others through their writings in the form of dairies, almanacks and commonplace books.”

Sasha Duerr, San Francisco, CA


“Sasha Duerr is an artist and designer who works with organic dyes and fibers, focusing on the creative reuse of materials. She is dedicated to a cross-pollination of textiles and environmental systems thinking, gaining inspiration from the ecological principles found in permaculture, as well as from regenerative design for food, clothing, and shelter.”

Local Color Fiber Studio
Emily Tzeng and Tatyana Vashchenko , Bainbridge Island, WA

local color fiber studio

“Bringing only the best quality fibers to the table for our beloved community is the backbone of our livelihood. We use cultivated and wild harvested plants and fungi to get exquisite colors into our yarns, no need to expose yourself to harsh conventional pigments or off-gassing synthetic, flame retardant yarns now that the farm community’s best is available online.”

Cara Marie Piazza
Brooklyn, NY

cara marie piazza

Cara Marie Piazza is a Natural Dyer and Textile Designer living and producing her work in New York City.
Committed to sustainable and ethical production, Cara manufactures all of her pieces here in NYC. All fabrics are sourced ethically and sustainably, using only organic cottons and bamboo fibers as well as Ahimsa and Peace grade silks. All pieces are customizable and unique to the buyer, creating unique editions exclusive to the environments in which they are sold.”