Bourbon Barrel (And Indigo) Aged Denim From Noble Denim

noble jeans 3
We’ve been helping Cincinnati-based  Noble Denim on a collaborative project with Bulleit Bourbon, dyeing jeans with natural dyes in old bourbon casks. A fascinating bit of research and development for sure so we are dyeing (couldn’t help it), to see how the colors come out.

Chris Sutton, the “head jeansmith” of Noble Denim left his desk job to sew all the jeans himself in our first year.
Their site says: “As Noble grows, Chris wants to stay a hands-on creator rather than moving back to a desk simply because he eats sleeps and breathes making clothes. Our Small Batches keep him creating new products and remind him why we started Noble in the first place, to do work we love.”

You will love what they do too so follow them, shop from them and support the exploration they are doing in the denim industry on behalf of people and planet.
We of course will be too!
While we are all waiting to see that glorious bourbon-infused color, watch this video on the project:

Barrel Aged Jeans: The Process | Bulleit Bourbon x Noble Denim from Noble Denim on Vimeo.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Jeans | Noble x Bulleit from Noble Denim on Vimeo.