A VIP Indigo Dye Party with Sustainable Powerhouses

Last weekend we decided to get some of our favorite Seattle folks together for a private dyeing party and show them how much fun one can have putting color to cloth.

In attendance were Sarah Menzies filmmaker, director and general mind-blower of Let Media, model, activist and humanitarian Kate Dillon who works for forestry protection through Code REDD, business coach Tara Wefers as well as Leslie Ross who is keeping Seattle in proper planetary alignment.

sarah menzies7

There were lots of “Oooohs” and Aaahhhhs” and fun new tricks happened upon by accident but the one thing we loved most? Getting a fantastic group of women together just to celebrate something simple like color.

Now, let’s hope they spread their newfound knowledge to their friends so we can make the world a more non-toxic place!

More images here from our day long adventure:

sarah indigo

Sarah Menzies dipping an old t-shirt…

sarah menzies5

Tara Wefers stirring the pot…something she is very good at 😉

sarah menzies indigo 1

Our monster sized indigo vat

sarah menzies3

A denim re-dye with Kathy

kathy shibori

Shibori dip part 1

sarah menzies9

Shibori dip part 2


The slow unveiling…

sarah menzies8

Another shibori addict enters the fold!

sarah menzies4