Natural Dye Class at Tolt Yarn and Wool

From Carnation,Washington based Tolt Yarn and Wool’s newsletter you should sign up for!

tolt yarn and wool

“Two amazing instructors and three engaging opportunities to learn the art of yarn and fiber dyeing are coming up in August!

Kathy Hattori is offering two separate workshops which will take place at Jubilee Farm in Carnation! First up is GATHERING COLOR on Saturday, August 23 from 10am to 4pm. This class teaches the basics of dyeing with traditional raw, natural dyestuffs from ancient times, including madder roots, cochineal, walnut and osage sawdust. Students will also receive a handout with information about common local dye plants plus recipes and procedures for naturally dyeing at home. All yarn will be provided and students will leave class with enough naturally dyed yarn for a small project.


Kathy is back on Sunday, August 24 from 10am to 4pm with SECRETS OF THE VAT, a hands-on workshop for dyeing with natural organic indigo. This is an all-blue, dipping extravaganza! Students will watch a demonstration on how to create an indigo vat and then everyone will take turns dipping yarns to achieve different shades of blue! We’ll also create wonderful greens, purples and other overdyed shades using yarns previously dyed with natural dyes. The vats will also be available for students to dip their own yarns and fibers.

Kathy is the founder and President of Botanical Colors and markets natural dyes and pigments to crafters, artisans and commercial clients. Kathy has been involved with textiles since 1982, where she learned to natural dye in Santa Cruz. Kathy teaches and lectures about natural dyes and is sought after as a speaker about the sustainable use of natural dyes in global textile production.

Kathy’s classes are offered at $110 each and that cost includes all materials. Phone the shop to sign up at 425.333.4066 or stop in to register.”