Ecotextile News Reports: Eucalyptus Waste Used to Dye Cotton


Ecotextile New reports that “waste from the eucalyptus wood steaming process could potentially provide a natural dye source for dyeing cotton according to new research from South America. Researchers claim to have successfully used the coloured liquid waste produced in the steam treatment of eucalyptus wood as a natural dyestuff to colour cotton in an exhaust dyeing process without the addition of traditional mordants. The findings represent an interesting breakthrough, not least because Tencel, made by Austrian company Lenzing, is also made from extracted eucalyptus wood pulp.

According to the research findings, the resulting dyed fabrics were evaluated for colour fastness and it was found that wash fastness of the waste dyed fabrics was very good, while light fastness was ‘typical of natural dyes.’ The researchers also claim to have achieved ‘excellent rubbing fastness ratings,’ in the study.

The researchers achieved yellowish, beige and brown colors.

Eucalyptus is a widely cultivated plant in Brazil, with current acreage of around 4.75 million hectares spread over almost all states. The researchers estimate there are approximately 600 sawmills dedicated to processing its timber, representing a significant source of potential raw materials for eucalyptus waste dyeing.”

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Image: Ecotextile News