FEEDBACK FRIDAY has meant so much to Kathy and I, and we know it means a lot to you too. We so appreciate all the emails and notes you send weekly about how they help you through this time. So why not have a little series with some of your love letters that make us all feel the love of this natural dye community?
Got something you’d like to share? Email me, Amy at [email protected]

Hello, I am a textile artist and designer based in the UK. After years working in high profile projects for film and TV (amongst other industries), the pandemic, like for everyone, has impacted severely all the confirmed projects I had for this year and I am having to look at new ways of working.

In the midst of the disruption I have started to play with colour and natural dyes (mainly from food waste, indigo and seaweed) and have become totally addicted to your Feedback Friday webinars. I have only been able to be in the studio a maximum of two days a week but your webinars and the colour studies I have been doing have helped me to keep sane and feel inspired. So this message is just to thank you for all the work you have done supporting and inspiring artists throughout this strange time. I look forward to more of your presentations, thank you so much for the continuous inspiration.

Best wishes,
Arantza Vilas
Pinaki Studios