RSVP For FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Heidi Gustafson & The Book Of Earth

Join us June 9th, 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern for a live FEEDBACK FRIDAY with artist and ochre translator, Heidi Gustafson. Heidi is based in the Cascade foothills of rural northern Washington. Her collaborative ochre and iron research projects include work with scientists, anthropologists, linguists, indigenous practioners, citizen foragers, healers, artists and places around the planet. Heidi’s current projects focus on ochre, iron oxides and land pigments and her cabin/studio houses the Ochre Sanctuary, a counsel of ochres and pigments from contributors world-wide. She also just published the most beautiful book ever called Book of Earth. RSVP here. Website Instagram About Heidi: … Read more

RSVP For FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Jessie Mordine Young

Join us this week, May 26th, 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern for FEEDBACK FRIDAY with textile artist and educator Jessie Mordine Young. We love all of Jessie’s projects but were really drawn to her “A Weaving a Day” series where she is weaving 365 individual pieces to document her practice. She says: “On January 1st, 2023, I will embark on my next long form weaving project, one that is far more ambitious than anything I have done previously in my creative career and truthfully, in my life. I will create one woven drawing each day for an entire year. One woven artwork … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Natalia Woodward of Bat Flower Press

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had Tarrytown, New York-based Natalia Woodward, the founder of Bat Flower Press. In 2020, Natalia founded Bat Flower Press, a letterpress and papermaking studio that focuses on sustainable handmade paper and artistic letterpress designs. Having worked with high end art collectors and organizations such as New York City’s MoMA, Natalia has spent her career around precious artwork, and sees her company as an opportunity to bridge art and functionality, to collaborate with others, and to create meaningful work that is approachable to all.  If you love FEEDBACK FRIDAY support our presentations with a donation, (and thank … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: María-Elena Pombo of Fragmentario

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had María-Elena Pombo of Fragmentario. Continuing on with our Earth Month series, María-Elena focused on using materials that are a byproduct of the food industry to prevent them going to landfill, but also as a strategy to promote non-extractivist and decolonial futures. Likewise, promoting using free materials and finally centering plants people have a connection with. María-Elena Pombo was born in Caracas and lives in New York City since 2011. She works through open-ended research projects that are normally translated into installations, objects, sculptures, and videos. Watch the recording here. If you love FEEDBACK … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Krystle Moody Wood of Materevolve

Last week, and in celebration of World Water Day, we welcomed Krystle Moody Wood of Materevolve. Krystle shared an overview of the critical ocean and water impacts resulting from current textile and apparel systems and the key ways textile leaders can address issues such as microfiber pollution, shifts from climate change, forever chemicals, and more. We followed the presentation with a discussion centered around the role of natural dyes as a solution for these critical issues through the lens of water. (above image: Materevolve) Watch the video here. If you love FEEDBACK FRIDAY support our presentations with a donation, (and … Read more

For World Water Day, 12 Ways to Natural Dye & Protect Land & Water

For World Water Day on March 22, 2023, we wanted to shine a light on 12 ways to natural dye and protect our water. As natural dyers, we have so many ways we can tackle these issues from collecting and reusing water creatively to simply stopping using hazardous pesticides as we grow our beautiful dye plants.We hope our pointing you towards World Water Day 2023 can offer easy that ways you can be part. This World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. And because water affects us all, we need everyone to take … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: (Alumnae) Brece Honeycutt + Anita Cazzola Talk Waste

Last time on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed back FEEDBACK FRIDAY alumnae Brece Honeycutt and Anita Cazzola. The two engaged in a conversation about waste: wasted color, waste as invasive, waste as wasted time to not stop and smell the flowers, color under our feet people see as waste (the dandelion?!), color in sad places people see as waste… With Brece recently home from a month-long residency at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library (see in her bio below), and Anita in the middle of doing a residency at the New Brunswick College for Craft and Design, we got to experience a … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Botanical Artist Julia Whitney Barnes

Last FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed botanical artist Julia Whitney Barnes. Kathy and I discovered her amazing work as we literally stumbled into the Albany, New York Shaker Heritage Society on a morning walk from our Hilton. We saw Julia’s work across the fruit orchard we were in and couldn’t believe our eyes. Watch the recording here. Support our time creating FEEDBACK FRIDAY and paying presenters with a donation. Website Instagram Albany International Airport Art & Culture Program (where part of Julia’s show is right now!) + pre-security at the Albany Airport. Seriously, how cool is the Albany airport??? Julia loves … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Farm & Folk

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we welcomed Sara Buscaglia of Farm & Folk. Sara is an organic farmer, natural dyer and textile artist residing in the high desert of southwest Colorado. Her inspiration is found in the paradigm shifting slow processes of tending soil, seeds, and plants. Through her experience of being directly connected to food, natural color and fiber she has gained an understanding and appreciation of their true value. Her naturally dyed quilts are an embodiment of that. Watch the recording here. Support our time creating FEEDBACK FRIDAY with a donation. Farm & Folk website Farm & Folk … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Water, Sediment & Color With Minnesota Fiber Artist Moira Bateman

For our first FEEDBACK FRIDAY of 2023, we welcomed Minneapolis-based fiber and textile artist, Moira Bateman. Moira guided us through a beautiful presentation of her work and a deep look at water, sediment and color. Watch the recording here. Support our time creating FEEDBACK FRIDAY with a donation. Follow Moira here: Website Instagram Ecoartspace article Her exhibits that launch on January 5th and another on January 17th Artist’s Biography: Moira Bateman creates assemblages from waxed silk, dyed with tannins and waterway sediments. Her chosen fabrics are soaked for days, months, and even years in the waters, mud, and sediments of … Read more