Feedback Friday

FEEDBACK FRIDAY is a bi-weekly show featuring Botanical Colors’ President Kathy Hattori and Sustainability + Communications Director Amy DuFault. Every week, Kathy and Amy speak with dyers, artists, scientists, writers and scholars about their favorite topic, natural dyeing and color.

FEEDBACK FRIDAY is now over 100 episodes strong and went live in May 2020, two months into the pandemic lockdown. Both Kathy and Amy realized there was a need to gather community in a creative space with artists worldwide scared, lonely, quarantined and unable to take a class or workshop for inspiration. The result has been overwhelming with over 10,000 people having attended a presentation at least once but many have been to more than half.

FEEDBACK FRIDAY presentations are viewed worldwide as part of college and university curriculum, natural dye and fiber organization conferences, education for global brands and independent designers and Amy and Kathy’s favorite venue, the attendees in different time zones who set their alarms to wake in the middle of the night to watch it live.

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Credit: Anna Brones

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Watch previous FEEDBACK FRIDAY presentations

Video From (The Last Ever!) FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Kathy & Amy xo

For our very last FEEDBACK FRIDAY, Kathy and I were the presenters and talked about the history of our show. We also pulled out some of our favorite moments from the 134 episodes (3 covers of the FEEDBACK FRIDAY song? Heck ya!) and what the “show” has meant to us since 2020. We have appreciated you being part of these presentations and supporting us so much. Thank you so much for all your emails, messages on Instagram and for showing up to say goodbye. Watch the recording below. FEEDBACK FRIDAY started out as a weekly show featuring Botanical Colors’ President … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Liz Spencer + Katrina Rodabaugh

Our last FEEDBACK FRIDAY was a huge milestone for us as we prepared for our second to last ever FEEDBACK FRIDAY, featuring dear friends as well as alumnae, Katrina Rodabaugh and Liz Spencer. Watch the video recording below. The two shared mini presentations and then had a conversation together and with attendees on being caretakers as well as creatives. What are the challenges and successes to following our creative journey in natural dyes? When does a passion become work and what are some of the boundaries that we need to set to keep balance? Katrina and Liz tackled all these … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Babs Behan

This week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had natural dyer and specialist of non-toxic natural dyeing techniques and bio-regional, regenerative textile systems, Babs Behan. Babs is the author of one of the newest books in our book store, Botanical Dyes: Plant To Print Dyes, Techniques & Projects. She is also Founder of Botanical Inks , a non-toxic natural dye studio and the Bristol Cloth Project. Watch the recording below. Shop Babs’ book here. Website Instagram Babs tells us she is committed to the transformation of our textile industry and the possibility of global environmental and cultural regeneration. Inspired by her own … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Cassie Dickson

Yesterday, we welcomed coverlet weaver, flax and silkworm farmer Cassie Dickson to FEEDBACK FRIDAY. Cassie says: “A Southern Highland Craft Guild Heritage member, specializing in spinning, traditional weaving, and natural dyeing, I have called western North Carolina my home for over 30 years.  As a traditional pattern weaver, I have woven coverlets and linens for over 40 years.   I grow flax and use 18th and 19th century tools and process the fiber to weave linen cloth.  For the past 33 years, I have also raised silk worms,  processing the cocoons to silk fabric and sharing that interesting historical story.  Over the years, I have taught … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Jody Alexander

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had mixed media artist Jody Alexander. In 2020, Jody made some life changes so that she could swim in lakes, and in 2023 she decided to make her open water swimming experiences into an art project. Aqua Lab is a work in progress that attempts to define the allure of open water swimming through the collection of data that includes water and air temperature, earth pigments surrounding the lakes, and underwater photos to capture water color. Watch the recording below. Take a class with Jody! Stitch, Patch, Dye: A Bag Making Workshop with Jody … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Hannah Regier

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had a beautiful presentation with fiber artist/land conservationist Hannah Regier. Hannah shared her practice and the evolution of her work from functional to fine art; and showed her latest project, Landcestors which was supported by a creation grant from the Vermont Arts Council. Watch the recording below. Website Instagram Hannah’s Nonprofit conservation organization, Bull Creek Common Lands About Hannah:Hannah Regier is a fiber artist and land conservationist whose work explores the profound possibilities of natural dyes and fibers to bring people into meaningful, reciprocal, relationship with the land. Hannah grows and forages dye and … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Textile Artist Youngmin Lee

Last FEEDBACK FRIDAY we welcomed textile artist, Youngmin Lee. Youngmin talked about her practice using Korean textile traditions that include bojagi and her ultimate journey to find happiness. It was one of those magical presentations that we got lots of messages about that it was “one of our best.” Watch the recording below. About Youngmin Lee Website Facebook Instagram: @youngminlee_bojagi  &  @koreantextiletour Email: [email protected] Youngmin Lee is a textile artist using bojagi tradition and techniques to create her work. Her interest in textiles led her to study clothing and textile in college and she received an MFA in Fashion Design in South … Read more

Video For FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Tannin Dyeing With Sari Monroy Solis

Last week we had a special presentation of FEEDBACK FRIDAY, this time with Sari Monroy Solis. Sari is a Mayan Kaqchikel backstrap weaver,natural dyer, and fiber enthusiast. Sari will be zooming in live from Guatemala and will be doing natural dyeing with local coffee fruits and other foraged tannins. She has been practicing tannin dyeing with foraged materials in Coastal California and is excited to share a little about the work she does with her elders in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala. Watch the recording below. Sari’s Instagram @theblueweaver What is she excited about right now? “One, sharing my weaving … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Alice Sowa + Bacteria Dyeing

Last Friday we had Alice Sowa presenting on bacteria dyeing in Iceland! Fjólublár/Living Purple is a collaborative, ongoing research project between the Icelandic Textile Center and research lab BioPol on creating a sustainable dyeing process for Icelandic Wool with the purple dye produced by the bacteria Janthinobacteruim lividum. We’ve been watching Alice on Instagram and are just so interested in the work she is doing. Watch the recording below. Here’s a bunch of links Alice shared with us during her presentation: Fabricacademy Icelandic Textile Center Faber Futures Living Colour Collective Puma Design to Fade Colorifix BioPol Bio: Alice Sowa is a multidisciplinary … Read more

Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Takayuki & Tomo Ishii of Awonoyoh

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had a special treat with Takayuki and Tomo Ishii of Awonoyoh. The two are just wrapping up their time in Seattle as Botanical Colors’ artists-in-residence. Taka is a renowned indigo dye artisan and Tomo is a designer and expert in Japanese clothing. The two own a workshop in the mountainous area of Kanagawa Prefecture and they grow and process their own indigo to make traditional indigo fermentation vats. The two also run an indigo dyeing company using traditional techniques and materials. Watch the video recording here. Takayuki and Tomo will talk about the tradition … Read more