Wholesale Customers

We welcome new customers: indie dyers, designers, large and small brands, artisans, craft and textile supply stores, and online sellers to our brand new wholesale program launching early October!

As a Botanical Colors wholesale customer, you’ll receive personalized support and guidance for the dyes that you purchase from us including:
  • Bulk discount pricing on natural dyes
  • A monthly Zoom with Kathy and Amy to ask questions about products, recipes, marketing, be part of the rollout of new products, and get support from Botanical Colors as well as others in the wholesale community
  • 12 natural dye recipes upon signing up
  • A monthly newsletter (for wholesalers only)
  • A list of sources and tools
  • Early access to select new products

For more information, please email [email protected]

Jars of colorful dried flowers
Credit: Anna Brones