Wholesale Customers

We offer high quality, non-toxic, natural textile dyes for artisans and makers. We sell primarily to textile artisans, textile-based businesses and select educational institutions. 

As a Botanical Colors wholesale customer, you’ll receive personalized support and guidance for the dyes that you purchase from us including:
  • Wholesale pricing on natural dyes in 500g sizes
  • 12 natural dye recipes upon signing up
  • Early access to select new products

To learn more, read the terms and conditions below, then click on the button to fill out an application.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Jars of colorful dried flowers
Image credit: Anna Brones

Wholesale Program Terms and Conditions


Your initial order minimum is $750 USD

To apply for a wholesale account with Botanical Colors, please fill out the wholesale application linked below and attach a copy of your business license, resale certificate and/or any other government official documentation with your business name, your name, and the current address of the business. If you are a tax-exempt organization, please submit this paperwork with your application. 

Once your account application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of your potential approval within one week. Once you have been approved, you will receive a login to our website which will provide wholesale pricing options for products available to purchase in 500-gram amounts (1.1lbs) or larger. Please note: if you purchase smaller sized packages, you will not receive the wholesale discount. Some items, such as books and inks, do not have a wholesale price. 

Opening Order Minimum and Payment Methods 

Your first order minimum is $750 USD. This is your one-time opening order, and we are happy to provide guidance on your purchase. After you have placed your initial minimum opening order, we request that you keep your account active by purchasing at least $500 of goods annually. 

We accept major credit card or Paypal payments. We do not offer net 30 terms or prepayment discounts. You will be prompted to place a credit card or Paypal order at checkout.  

The opening minimum order must be placed within 6 months of receiving and approving your application. If no order is placed within 6 months of being notified of approved application, we will suspend your wholesale account. Once you have established an account, you will need to purchase at least $500 of goods annually. If no follow-up orders are placed within 1 year, we will mark your account inactive, and your online wholesale ordering will be disabled. 

Suitable Use of Products  

Our natural dyes are textile grade products and suitable for use with textiles to dye, paint or print only. Some select products are suitable for paper and are marked as such. Our dyes are not suitable for the following or any non-textile applications: 

  • food, alcohol or beverages 
  • cosmetics, lotions, soaps and hair products 
  • feminine hygiene products 
  • body paint or tattoos 
  • spray tanning 
  • coloring commercial products such as soaps, candles, medicinal tinctures, solutions or other preparations 

We are unable to answer questions about these types of applications and cannot be held responsible for their use. 

Sales and Returns Policy 

All sales are final.  Prices are subject to change.

Damaged Items Policy 

If an item is damaged, we will replace it. Please include a photo of the damaged item when requesting replacement. 

Shipping Policy 

Shipping charges for large wholesale orders are constantly changing. We reserve the right to repackage your shipment for the most efficient shipping and will notify you of any shipping changes. If you would like us to use your carrier (UPS or FedEx) please let us know at the time your order is placed so we can make adjustments to the shipping charges. Unless we are notified in writing, we will ship ground service when using UPS and FedEx and use Priority Mail, Media Mail and First Class mail for USPS. International orders will be shipped using DHL or USPS, depending on the destination and we will contact you in advance to make arrangements.  

Shipping Snafus, Partial and Incorrect Addresses 
  • Our order system ships to the address that you specify on your order. 
  • If the address is not recognized by the US Postal Service for domestic or international addresses, we will contact you for clarification prior to shipping. This will extend the order processing time. 
  • If the address you specify is incorrect and your order is returned to us, we will contact you to correct the address and request that you pay for additional shipping costs to re-ship your order. 
  • If we make an error on your order, we will ship any missing or damaged items to you at no additional charge. 
  • We sometimes ship items on your order separately (items like the Color Wheel which requires a tube) and will note that on your order. 

In Stock, Out of Stock, and Backstock Items 

  • In stock means we have the product and can ship it. 
  • Out of stock means that we do not have the product, and are not expecting more in the near future. Seasonal items are often restocked when we receive our next year’s shipment. This happens mostly with one-of-a-kind items, dye seeds or seasonal dyes. 
  • Backstock means that it is temporarily out of stock but we are expecting more. If you have multiple items in your order, we will often ship the in stock items to you as soon as possible and send the backstocked item when it becomes available.