In the News: Botanical Colors on Toxic Color in Fashion

kathy hattori

Carolyn Higgins of the Seattle Globalist recently featured Botanical Colors founder Kathy Hattori on toxic textile dyeing.

Carolyn writes: “Your soft cotton tee shirt is the ultimate warm fuzzy. Snuggling gratefully into its soft fibers, you feel virtuous about buying a product that was made of natural organic materials. Think of all those barrels of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that weren’t sprayed on foreign cotton fields thanks to you. Think of the smiling cotton farmers in Turkey and India growing those pure white organic tufts for you to snuggle into.


Bet you a tidy sum that the label boasting of organic fiber on that shirt says nothing about the luscious color. And for good reason.”

From Indian and Chinese rivers that are constantly being polluted with toxic chemicals to some pioneering moves in the industry (including those by Botanical Colors), the article takes a look at how much more research needs to be done to consider a piece of clothing “sustainably made” and not worth “dying” for.

Read the full, very informative article here.

Images: Carolyn Higgins

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    • Hi JC,
      If you are in the Pacific Northwest, Tinctoria Designs in Portland has naturally dyed clothing. There are many artisans who sell at fairs who also have naturally dyed goods. I’m not sure where you are located but there are definitely lots of natural dyers on both coasts who create amazing pieces!

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