L.A.’s Rule of Three: Embracing Natural Color, Pattern and Surface

“Los Angeles-based designer and Rule of Three founder Paige Cleveland has over a decade of experience in the graphic and fashion design industries. With an ardor for textiles, and the unexpected way color and pattern interact when combined, the seed was planted very early on. After traveling the globe and endless amounts of research on traditional textiles and ancient printmaking techniques, the direction for the line became clear.”

rule of three 2

“The focus turned to dyes of historical importance and a color palette made from nature, dyeing techniques like Shibori and printmaking using Suminagashi, the Japanese art of marbling. Stripping the design process down, working with simple tools and using Botanical Colors natural dyes on fabrics such as cotton crepes, Belgian linens, and sandwashed silks, the collection was born. Color, pattern and surface are the elements that make up Rule of Three…”

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