Love Letters #4 (With Love From Budapest)

FEEDBACK FRIDAY has meant so much to Kathy and I, and we know it means a lot to you too. We so appreciate all the emails and notes you send weekly about how they help you through this time. So why not have a little series with some of your love letters that make us all feel the love of this natural dye community?
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Just to show the importance of your Feedback Fridays, here is a very short story.

Just yesterday about 5 minutes before the session started a good friend called me, who has nothing to do with fibres or dyeing or indeed anything crafty/artsy. She asked whether we can talk, and I was just beginning to explain that I had a Zoom session, when she exclaimed “Oh your Friday Zoom!” She remembered that I have never been available on Friday evenings. I keep sharing the stories of people that you invite. Because for me these presentations are not really or not only about techniques and materials but rather the philosophy or the approach that your presenters convey.

Thank you so much for doing these presentations, and do not even consider finishing them please.

Best regards,

Ildiko Polyak
from Budapest Hungary, who has been a regular since Aboubakar’s talk

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