Natural Dyes, Celestial Maps and Technology Partner for Exhibit

We love when natural dyes and technology come together and when it also involves celestial maps? Well, let’s just say some collaborations are a lot cooler than others.

The Creator’s Project is one of our favorite daily reads and they write this:

“Those in the northern hemisphere know that the North Star, Polaris, is a useful tool of navigation. But few know that, because of changes in Earth’s axial rotation, Polaris hasn’t always been—nor will it remain—the North Star. This lies at the heart of a new exhibition titled Deep Future, which features robotically-drawn celestial maps of what the North Star will be every 10,000 years for the next 100,000.

Deep Future first premiered at Hotel Droog in Amsterdam in 2015, but is now on at The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, with all ten drawings together for the first time. With it, the international design studio Tellart wanted to combine custom robotics and programming with the analog heritage crafts of beeswax, canvas, and indigo dyes. First, the custom-designed robotic drawing machine created the celestial illustrations by extruding beeswax onto canvas. Then Tellart dipped the canvas in indigo dye to give it the color of a traditional blue celestial night sky.”

Fascinating article. Read it in its entirety here.