Natural Dyes, Celestial Maps and Technology Partner for Exhibit

We love when natural dyes and technology come together and when it also involves celestial maps? Well, let’s just say some collaborations are a lot cooler than others. The Creator’s Project is one of our favorite daily reads and they write this: “Those in the northern hemisphere know that the North Star, Polaris, is a useful tool of navigation. But few know that, because of changes in Earth’s axial rotation, Polaris hasn’t always been—nor will it remain—the North Star. This lies at the heart of a new exhibition titled Deep Future, which features robotically-drawn celestial maps of what the North … Read more

Designer Vu Thao Shares Vietnamese Natural Dye Secrets

According to The Creator’s Project, “Few visitors set foot in Cao Bang, Vietnam, a remote village in the mountains north of Hanoi, but designer Vu Thao considers it a creative second home. Collaborating with ethnic women who live there, Thao grows and produces natural dyes and fabrics for Kilomet 109, her eco-conscious clothing line. Thanks to Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA), a program we covered previously that pairs travelers with creators around the world, curious visitors can join Thao in Cao Bang to spend five days learning the secrets of cultivating natural dye from the land. Craftsmanship is deeply ingrained … Read more