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Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Natalie Stopka

By Amy DuFault | March 1, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with natural dye artist and educator Natalie Stopka. Watch the video here. From Natalie (chat box questions answered and more!) Clothlet Resources: The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting by Daniel V. Thompson, 1956. An Anonymous 14th Century Treatise De Arte Illuminandi, The Technique of Manuscript Illumination translated by Daniel Varney Thompson, […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Ayobami Adeyemo

By Amy DuFault | February 21, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Ayobami Adeyemo. Ayobami Adeyemo is a textile researcher/artist who studies and experiments with different dyestuffs and textile making processes. He has worked on the Indigo Shade Map team to research and study different plants that produce indigo all over the world. As of now, he is managing his own […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Rust Belt Fibershed + Drift Lab Dye Studio

By Amy DuFault | February 12, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Sarah Pottle and Jess Boeke, twin sisters from Cleveland, OH, who are natural dyers, educators, activists, and are the co-founders of the Rust Belt Fibershed and Drift Lab Dye Studio. Watch the video here. Links we promised to put here: Rust Belt Fibershed Drift Lab Textile Co. Grounded Teaching […]

Honoring Black History Month Every Day

By Amy DuFault | February 10, 2021

(Artwork: Herring Run, Kenya Miles, Founder of Blue Light Junction) Celebrate Black History Month learning about natural dyers, farmers and activists of color here on Botanical Colors. Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Also known as African American […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Ethnobotany with Deepa Preeti Natarajan

By Amy DuFault | February 7, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Deepa Preeti Natarajan who guided us with ethnobotany to how we can be better plant stewards and natural dyers. Watch the video here. Deepa has been the Program Coordinator for the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley for the past 15 years having the unique opportunity to transform […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Elena Phipps

By Amy DuFault | January 31, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Elena Phipps whose talk focused on the art history of cochineal. It also broke all of our FEEDBACK FRIDAY records with 516 RSVPS? Go Elena! Watch the video here. Elena’s presentation traced the origins of this special red color in the Americas and its role in global trade from […]


By Amy DuFault | January 24, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Jordana Munk Martin, Founder of the TATTER Library and it was so personal and beautiful and made our hearts explode. Thank you Jordana. Watch the video HERE. Links you should click to on the TATTER site: –TATTER Journal –Amazing TATTER classes & lectures –The Barbara Walker Knitting Project -Info […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Honeyfolk Clothing

By Amy DuFault | January 17, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Heidi Iverson, Founder of Honeyfolk Clothing. Heidi was one of the original founders of Fibershed, an organization we love and respect so much. Watch the video HERE. Honeyfolk clothing is entirely handcrafted by Heidi Iverson, in her studio surrounded by second-growth Redwoods in Western Sonoma County. She also devotes […]

Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Dyes of the Américas

By Amy DuFault | January 11, 2021

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with Botanical Colors’ President Kathy Hattori who talked about and demoed Dyes of the Américas. We went through some native colors from North, Central and South America that are included in our new dye kit, Dyes of the Américas, as well as some locally grown specialties from our network of […]

FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights Video of 2020 (And Happy New Year!)

By Amy DuFault | December 31, 2020

A FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights video? Yes! For 36 weeks, Kathy and I have brought you FEEDBACK FRIDAY where weekly we speak with dyers, artists, scientists and scholars about our favorite topic, natural dyeing and color. Curated and presented by Botanical Colors’ Founder Kathy Hattori and me, Amy DuFault, Botanical Colors’ Sustainability and Social Media Director, […]