Finimugu (Malian strip cloth)




Finimugu (Malian strip cloth)

Many of you who have participated in Aboubakar’s workshops fell in love with Finimugu (Malian strip cloth). The traditional cotton strip cloth is 100% produced in Mali by a textile cooperative that Aboubakar has worked with for years.

Watch video and see how finimugu is made here.

The women prepare the organically grown cotton. They remove the seeds and any vegetable matter, then spin the cotton fiber into fine yarn. The yarn is sent to men weavers who weave a narrow (4-6 inch) cotton fabric, but create a strip over 100 yards long.  The strips are rolled into “wheels” of fabric and taken to market. The strip cloth is then cut to suit the project.  Larger pieces of cloth are created when the strips are joined to make a top or skirt. Once the cloth is pieced together, the maker may dye it, create a tie resist pattern, or use the textile for mud dyeing.

We are offering finimugu strip yardage.  The price is $26 per yard and sold in whole yards only.

We also offer hemp cotton yardage.


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