The Art and Science of Natural Dyes: Principles, Experiments, and Results


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From the publisher, Schiffer Books:

The Art and Science of Natural Dyes: Principles, Experiments, and Results is a comprehensive guide that explains the general principles of natural dyeing to help dyers become more accomplished at their craft. More than 450 samples illustrate the results of actual dye tests along with detailed information. The book covers every aspect of natural dyeing including mordants, dyes, printing, indigo, and finishing. Special techniques of printing and discharging indigo are featured as well. The book is intended for dyers and printers who wish to understand the “why” and the “how,” while ensuring safe and sustainable practices. Written by a textile engineer and chemist (Boutrup) and a textile artist and practitioner (Ellis), its detailed and tested recipes for every process, including charts and comparisons, make it the ideal resource for dyers with all levels of experience.

Did you see the FEEDBACK FRIDAY featuring Catharine Ellis? Watch the recording here.

Botanical Colors’ Founder Kathy Hattori says:

Along with some pretty slick ways to print using indigo, I appreciate the clear explanation of the scour, mordant and dye functions that are necessary for well-dyed textiles and the detailed recipes. The authors clearly explain the function of many of the common chemical ingredients that ensure a quality dye outcome. When you start to dye, you know why you are using an ingredient, when to use it, and what the expected outcome is. They introduce fascinating mordant methods as well as ways to re-use spent dye baths. In addition, they have a comprehensive explanation of the 1-2-3 indigo vat. There’s tons more in this book. So I know I will spend a lot of time reviewing and learning from it.

This is a great book to fill in many of the practical and technical gaps in natural dyeing in a manner that is complete and detailed. It should serve as a useful reference for many dyers.

Size: 8″ x 10″ | 162 color images, incl. 450+ dyed samples | 176 pp
ISBN13: 9780764356339 | Binding: hard laminate case wire-o

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