Harvest Box: Flowers and Foliage from Our U.S. Farmers


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We are so proud of our ongoing relationships with U.S. based farmers and we’re celebrating them with our new Harvest Box! As we continue to find new farmers interested in regenerative agriculture and growing flowers for us (as well as healthy new soil), we want to share them with you. This year’s summer harvest was excellent and we are providing you with a variety of natural dye flowers and foliage we think you will love for bundle dyeing and eco-printing.

Breathe in the sweet scents of hollyhock and marigolds from Oregon, Dyer’s Chamomile from Washington State, Kathy’s yard and Long Island growers, hibiscus roselle buds from Texas and California-grown Eucalyptus.

We have a super soft spot for flower dyes and love the beautiful shades that come from each blossom. We also love that many of the flowers are pollinator food, attract beneficial insects and are good for the soil.

Ready to dive into making beautiful colors? 

Our collection includes generous amounts of dried flowers grown just for us, 5 mordanted cotton hankies and 1 mordanted silk charmeuse scarf. All you do is dampen the fabric, arrange flowers as desired, roll, bundle and steam.  Let cool, unwrap and admire your creation! This is the perfect gift for the natural dye or floral enthusiast in your life. You can choose to dye each hankie in a dye pot (immersion dyeing), or combine the flowers together to make a beautiful bundle dyed piece, or a little of both. The colors come out as brilliant spots of color when bundle dyeing and softer and more dreamy when immersion dyed. 

  • 5 mordanted cotton hankies
  • 1 mordanted silk charmeuse scarf (22×22″)
  • Black hollyhock – vivid purple and blue
  • Dyer’s Chamomile – soft to bright yellow
  • Hibiscus – vivid pink
  • Eucalyptus – soft greenish yellow
  • Marigold – deep gold
  • An exclusive papercut art postcard from Anna Brones

We have a limited number of kits based on the harvests from our growers.  Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to create with these special colors from our farm partners.


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