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Lac (Laccifer lacca) extract comes from a scale insect known from antiquity throughout India, Southeast Asia, Nepal and China. The deep red colorant is extracted from a hard resinous crude shellac before it can be successfully used as a dye. So the resin is known as shellac. It is used for lacquer and in addition as a protective covering for wood. Lac dye was used to color silk and dye leather and was mentioned as early as 250 AD.

Lac extract is an affordable alternative to obtain pinks, purples and burgundy reds on protein fibers using an alum mordant. However, you will need a small amount of citric acid to use with lac. 50g of lac extract will dye approximately 500g of fiber (1.1 pounds) to a dark red shade. For more information on how to use lac, please visit our page on natural dye extracts.

From our Feedback Friday series:

I’ve used cochineal before but would love to play around with another “red”-what would you suggest?

Lac is another insect dye that produces pink and red. Use 10 to 15% for darker shades and be sure to combine the dye with citric acid when dissolving and let the mixture settle prior to adding to the dye pot. Lac contains a lot of sediment which can cause uneven dye results. Then strain the liquid into the dye pot but leave the sediment behind. You can hydrate it multiple times to extract all of the color. The lac sediment makes an interesting texture background for eco-printing, so don’t throw it away. Note: this is non-vegetarian dye.

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