Tangara (Mangrove Bark) Japanese Dye


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Tangara (Mangrove Bark) Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

Tangara creates a beautiful warm medium brown and is sometimes referred to as “cutch”, although cutch comes from the acacia tree. This particular dye is from the large-leafed orange mangrove. The color is used in leather tanning and is high in tannins.  Tangara is found in intertidal zones throughout SE Asia and other coastal areas and is considered a valuable medicinal plant.

Mangrove habitats are under immense pressure from human development and climate change.  We will be substituting an FSC-certified mangrove dye that is harvested under FSC guidelines and is considered waste material.

Mangrove is already an extract and may be used until no color is left in the dye bath to create gradations of the color.

Sold in 50 gram reuseable plastic jars.

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