Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Workshop (In Pictures!)

At our Easy Printing Techniques Using Natural Dyes workshop at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator, attendees learned how to print with non-toxic and food-grade ingredients and how to explore simple screen printing and surface effects. Our final project was printing on a California Cloth Foundry t-shirt and wow the results were pretty amazing. Check out the results below!    

Natural Dye and Printing/Surface Design Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn to print with natural dyes? This is a singular opportunity to study the art of creative screen printing and dyeing with 100% non-toxic natural inks, dyes, fabrics and extract from experts in the fields, Kathy Hattori, president of Botanical Colors and textiles design and development specialist Lydia Wendt, founder of California Cloth Foundry. Dye California Cloth Foundry’s “sustainably grown to sewn in America ” fabrics and garments with Kathy Hattori using organically certified natural dyes to achieve a rich background color for printing. With the guidance of Lydia Wendt, use simple tools to achieve … Read more