Looking Back To Look Forward Botanical Colors 2023 Report

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2023. No really, how did we get here?? It seems a blur, a really exciting but challenging-paced year chock full of the ups and downs of a small business. And we are a small business! Many of you think we are a huge company, but did you know our incredible team is 8 employees strong? We pull off big things and work hard but there’s one thing we couldn’t do without. You. For our 2023 look back to look forward, we wanted to tell you how much we grew because of all of … Read more

Sunday Visit: Julie Beeler of Mushroom Color Atlas

For this week’s Sunday Visit we caught up with Julie Beeler of the Mushroom Color Atlas. Julie is a designer, artist, educator and Oregonian who grew up with a deep love for and curiosity about the natural world. Julie says she experiments with the unpredictability of plants and fungi by growing and harvesting, observing and foraging, as well as tethering herself to nature’s seasons. You might know remember Julie from her FEEDBACK FRIDAY presentation or her Mushroom Color Atlas poster and dye marks we sell. You might also just know here from taking one of her incredible classes. She has … Read more

Video From Live FEEDBACK FRIDAY: The Mushroom Color Atlas

Last FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we had Mushroom Color Atlas Founder, Julie Beeler! Julie talked about her Mushroom Color Atlas which is a resource and reference for everyone curious about mushrooms and the beautiful and subtle colors derived from them. Julie says the atlas is also the start of a journey and a point of departure, introducing people to the kaleidoscopic fungi kingdom and our connection to it. Her hope is that everyone will be inspired to learn more about the mycological world, and begin to understand the importance of the networks, connections and symbiotic relationships that live in our forests. Most … Read more