• Talking Natural Dyes with Lissa the Shop

    We were so excited that LISSA the shop contacted us for an interview! LISSA hopes to be an online leader for selling a curated collection of eco-conscious clothing for stylish women, “for that every day, relaxed elegance. Not too granola, nothing too fancy.” Part of Lissa’s eco-formula for success will be opting for clothing made […]

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  • For Sale: Color Forecasting in All Shades of Natural

    I was fortunate to work with Fran Yoshioka, a well-known, respected color and trend forecast expert on the Autumn/Winter 2014 palette. Color forecasting is an art and a science and Fran travels to Europe to check out the trends in boutiques, street life and some major trade shows. The major trends she described to me were [...] Continue Reading
  • Finding Artistic Inspiration on Pinterest

    Carol Shaw-Sutton Art There are so many wonderful textile artists and natural inspiration around us daily, so much so that sometimes it's hard to settle and do our own work! When we first started the Botanical Colors Pinterest page, the idea was to savor what we loved most, give it a rest stop so we [...] Continue Reading
  • Using Less Water & Energy to Get Color

    I’ve been thinking about how to get more natural color while using less water and energy. Here are some simple tips: 1.  Try some of the innovative dye techniques as practiced by India Flint and Kimberly Baxter Packwood. Both these artists create using low-water and low resource methods that yield surprising and very beautiful results. […]

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  • Deena Schnitman: Paste Paper and Natural Dyes

    Boston artist Deena Schnitman creates works on paper using the age old technique of paste paper. She writes: “Paste paper dates back to the late sixteenth century when it was widely used by bookbinders in Europe for endpapers and bookcovers. The process has changed little and remains simple. A paste is cooked, colored with paint […]

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  • Natural dye recipes without Logwood Grey

    Having been unpleasantly surprised to discover that Logwood Grey, one of the workhorse dyes of the natural dye palette is a synthetic dye, I have been experimenting with alternatives that don’t use this color.  I’ve also stopped offering it for sale on the site. If you still want to use Logwood, make your own Logwood […]

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