Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Workshop (In Pictures!)

At our Easy Printing Techniques Using Natural Dyes workshop at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator, attendees learned how to print with non-toxic and food-grade ingredients and how to explore simple screen printing and surface effects. Our final project was printing on a California Cloth Foundry t-shirt and wow the results were pretty amazing. Check out the results below!    

Botanical Colors a Featured Voice on Fashion Traceability

Botanical Colors founder Kathy Hattori was recently interviewed by the New York City based apparel production and ethical design facility, Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator on natural dyes and color in the fashion industry. BF+DA writer Kelly Drennan writes: “Taking transparency to the next level is traceability – a system that provides information on the farming, production, packing, distribution, transportation, and sales processes of a particular item of clothing. By reducing the difficulty of accessing this information on a product’s life cycle, traceability has the potential to increase conscious consumption.” If in fact, consumers are wanting to know more about where their … Read more

EXHIBIT: The Drawing Center Features ‘Thread Lines’

IF IN NYC….”This group exhibition features sixteen artists who engage in sewing, knitting, and weaving to create a wide-range of works that activate the expressive and conceptual potential of line and illuminate affinities between the mediums of textile and drawing. Multi-generational in scope, Thread Lines brings together those pioneers who—challenging entrenched modernist hierarchies—first unraveled the distinction between textile and art with a new wave of contemporary practitioners who have inherited and expanded upon their groundbreaking gestures. More info here on the Drawing Center site. Image: Ellen Lesperance (b. 1971, Minneapolis, MN) at the Drawing Center

Today on Makers Row: 5 Things to Know Before Choosing Chemical Dyes

We are so excited to have our first post on the Makers Row blog. Talk about a bevy of really important industry information! Thanks to Makers Row for the opportunity to write. Botanical Colors founder Kathy Hattori writes: “Sustainable design often means a concerted effort to really dig into the details of one’s supply chain but the number of variables to track can be truly overwhelming. One point that is often overlooked in the fashion industry is how fabrics are dyed and treated. In fact, for many designers, there is a fundamental disconnect when sourcing dyed and finished fabrics, even “organic” … Read more