Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: The Art Of Soil

On our last FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had Karen Vaughan of The Art of Soil. Karen is a researcher, educator, and creative who is passionate about sharing soils knowledge and beauty with all who are open to receive. She is a pigment forager and paint maker as well as an associate professor of pedology at the University of Wyoming. Karen has long been fascinated by color – from the information we gather from color to the way it makes us feel and the unique connections we all have with color. Through the Art of Soil, she crafts watercolor paint made with soil as a way to introduce an ecologically responsible alternative for your creative material needs. Karen tries her best to slip in a little earthy beauty and a lot of soil science love in all that she shares with the world.

Watch the recording here.

The Art of Soil website

The Art of Soil Instagram

From Karen:

“Soils and earth pigments have always been at the core of natural art supplies. What I am creating and sharing here is not new – I am learning from and building upon those who created before me – and those who will continue on after. I use a science-forward approach in creating soil-based watercolors.

Through the ART of SOIL, we seek to connect you with soils – and soils with you. By creating small-batch art supplies, made with soils – we are offering an ecologically responsible alternative for your creative material needs.

Several years ago, I began experimenting with soil-based crayons and watercolor paints. It started as an activity I could do with my children that allowed me to flex my creative sci-art side at home. As a scientist, I am so fortunate to weave my creative process with the beauty of soils to share information and joy centered around the importance of soil. I hope by using these materials, you’ll gain a greater appreciation of soils leading to greater conservation and care.”


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