Video From LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Fiber + Installation Artist Juliette Sallin

This week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had fiber and installation artist Juliette Sallin. Juliette talked about her most recent works and research about the relationship between plant, femininity and colors.

Watch the video here.

Follow Juliette’s work here and here.

Juliette says her favorite dyes of ours are cochineal, safflower and logwood.


Born in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland, fiber and installation artist Juliette Sallin studied textile design at the University of Florence, new media at the HEAD Geneva and Kingston University (GB). Two-time recipient of the Swiss Ikea Foundation (2009 and 2013), Juliette has exhibited in Switzerland and Great Britain. Her work is held in private collections in Europe and North America.

Juliette’ works are made of silk, but sometimes also of wood, paper and brass. Much of her process is devoted to plant dyes. The leaves, flowers, roots and bark that she uses contain pigments that give the fabric a particular vibration, as if the essence of plants were being transposed into the sculptures. The immersive experience of her work is then enriched with subtle sensualities and vegetal delicacies.

Enlightened by her own sensitive experiences of the plant realm, the environmental writings of David Abram, Juliette perceives our inner wholeness as a communion with nature and the elements. Most recently, her work is revolving around the use of plant imagery as a representation of the woman’s inner and bodily existence: eroticism and desire, fertility, maternity and miscarriage. The sculptures then become an embodied and sensual metaphor of the different facets of her life as a woman.


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