A Breakthrough in Natural Dyes

Botanical Colors is offering a new line of liquid natural dyes that are perfectly suited for immersion dyeing, printing and painting.  The colors are saturated and beautiful and the color line includes an indigo that does not require the traditional vat process.  This means you can add this indigo (Saxon Blue) right into your dyepot along with a red and get a lovely purple, or use it with yellow and get a marvelous spring green.  Used by itself, the blue color ranges from a deep teal to turquoise.

The dyes are easy to use and certified as compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  The color range includes Madder, Lac, Indigo, Myrobalan, Rhubarb, Pomegranate and Cutch.  All the colors can be intermixed to create endless color possibilities.

Botanical Colors Liquid Natural Dyes are calibrated to work in commercial dye machinery and simplify the process needed to create natural colors on garments or yardage.  The dyes come with a complete set of non-toxic auxiliaries for artisan or commerical use.

We will be offering sample packs of the new dyes for sale on our website and via telephone orders.  Contact us for more information on this revolutionary new product for the natural dyer.

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