Handwoven Silk Tussah Gauze Shawl-Temporarily Out of Stock

Handwoven shawls and scarves

One of the really fun things about working with suppliers around the world is when DHL drives up and the very nice driver lugs a bucket, barrel or box up the long driveway. The dog is barking wildly, desperately trying to make best friends before I drag in the goods and close the front door. We both eye the parcel (he sniffs it), and depending where it’s from start unraveling packing tape or string to see what’s inside.

I just received a cache of gorgeous handwoven scarves and shawls that are a delight to dye and look beautiful colored with indigo, patterned with shibori, painted or printed. These products are all Fair Trade and support cottage weavers and villages and allow them a traditional and sustainable livelihood that includes a living wage, access to health care, training and leadership opportunities.


Airy tussah silk gauze shawl

This gossamer tussah silk scarf is generously sized  (75×37″) and very light.  It is beautiful in its natural color or dyed with natural dyes.  Here it is pictured undyed and also dyed with Aquarelle Liquid Indigo Saxon Blue and Aquarelle Liquid Madder.


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