CURATED COLOR : All Things Yellow


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Warm up this winter with some sunshine for your natural dye palette.


Weld extract (Reseda luteola)

Weld extract

A bowl of fustic yellow dye powder.

Fustic Powder Extract

Marigold Mix

Marigold Mix

Buckthorn Berry Extract

Dyer’s Chamomile Dried Flowers

Citric Acid

Organically Grown Marigold Flowers

Natural Dye Inks from Flowers and Berries

Natural Dye Inks from Flowers and Berries – 3 varieties

Modern Natural Dyer

The Modern Natural Dyer

Check out some recipes to create the perfect yellow hue for you!

close up of marigold flowers

Marigold Mix Extract + 3 Color Combinations

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We are especially pleased at how well our marigold mix dyes cellulose fibers. So it’s a great way to create that sunny yellow on cotton and linen. You can also use…

The Beginner Dye Kit: Fustic Greens

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Fun Facts about the Fustic in our Botanical Colors’ Beginner Dye Kit: Fustic (Chlorophora tinctoria or Maclura tinctoria) is a tall tropical hardwood that grows from Mexico to Argentina. Fustic is high…

Today’s Color: Weld Yellow

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I was so shocked when I first dyed with Today’s color: weld yellow.  I had no idea that this eye-dazzling yellow could come from a weedy looking, grassy smelling plant. …
yellow-green fabric in a stainless steel dyepot

Making Green with Logwood and Weld

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It’s not often that you can combine yellow and purple to make green, but weld extract and logwood will yield interesting results, depending on the strength of the weld and…

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