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Having been raised on an earlier generation of natural dye books, I eagerly look forward to the new natural dye volumes, and although Kristine’s book was published a few years back, I regard it as one of the excellent books on natural dyeing available today.  We reference it in our studio work and have found it to be a valuable tool when reviewing color and mordant choices.  And Kristine is a long time friend and supporter and we greatly admire her endeavors in the natural dye community!

The Modern Natural Dyer serves as a richly detailed reference manual and color inspiration and also contains a number of interesting projects for the knitter or fabric artist.  Each dyestuff and mordant process is clearly explained, and simple color mixing and mordant modifiers help increase the color options for the dyer.  I find that the color swatch reference pages are clearly presented and allow the dyer to have an idea of the color that they are shooting for when starting the dye process, which is immensely helpful.  The fascination with natural color increases as you discover that the very same dye will create different colors depending on the fibers used and mordant methods employed.  The color possibilities are endless and intriguing!

The Modern Natural Dyer will become a foundation book for your natural dye library.

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