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Bourbon Barrel (And Indigo) Aged Denim From Noble Denim

We’ve been helping Cincinnati-based¬† Noble Denim on a collaborative project with Bulleit Bourbon, dyeing jeans with natural dyes in old bourbon casks. A fascinating bit of research and development for sure so we are dyeing (couldn’t help it), to see how the colors come out. Chris Sutton, the “head jeansmith” of Noble Denim left his […]

Weld Flowers – Sold out for the Season

Weld Flowers- A spectacular, brilliant yellow color comes from this biennial plant.¬† Use 30-50% on the weight of the fiber for deepest shades, less for light and lemony yellows. The dyestuff has a distinctive, grassy smell. A small amount of soda ash or calcium carbonate is recommended for deepest shades. Includes instructions. 100 g weld […]

Marigold Flowers – Sold Out for the Season

Marigold Flowers-Brilliant and aromatic, our whole flower heads yield a beautiful bronzy, yellow green on wool and silk. Organically raised in our front yard. Includes instructions 100 grams of marigold flowers will dye about 200 grams (7 ounces) of fiber to a deep shade Size 100 gm $8.00 USD250 gm $19.75 USD500 gm $36.00 USD