EILEEN FISHER & Botanical Colors Launch Botanical Collection

We are so excited to announce our Botanicals Collection with EILEEN FISHER!

Check out our indigo, madder root, and ground pomegranate peel on EILEEN FISHER’s organic handkerchief linen here.

“Embracing natural dyes means embracing nature-from its unique colorations to all its perfect imperfections. It’s really thrilling to see EILEEN FISHER surge ahead with a beautiful and natural dye offering and to have involved us in this project. We are honored,” says Kathy Hattori, founder of Botanical Colors.

As part of EILEEN FISHER’s rigorous Vision 2020, the company is taking on toxic dyes, human rights as well as sustainability in an openly traceable manner. As Eileen told the LA Times, there are “no excuses.” Her pledge is to make all of her products environmentally sustainable by the year 2020 and to make her company’s U.S. operations not just carbon neutral but carbon positive within five years.

“Fisher wants to help reverse the trend of fashion over-consumption, build supply chains that manufacture responsibly and adhere to fair labor practices and reach out to other fashion labels to create demand for non-toxic dyes as an industry norm,” reports the LA Times.

We also were there in all our natural dye glory for the Seattle launch of Fisher Found (formerly GREEN EILEEN) on Earth Day. The launch of Fisher Found in both Seattle and Irvington, New York represented hundreds of garments dyed by Kathy Hattori as part of EILEEN FISHER’S ongoing clothing take back program. The idea behind the Fisher Found program is to grow awareness around the timeless design that is EILEEN FISHER but giving it a new lease on life as “Reworn, Renewed and Remade clothing.”

For more information on Fisher Found and how you can recycle your gently worn EILEEN FISHER clothing, go here.