FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights Video of 2020 (And Happy New Year!)

A FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights video? Yes!

For 36 weeks, Kathy and I have brought you FEEDBACK FRIDAY where weekly we speak with dyers, artists, scientists and scholars about our favorite topic, natural dyeing and color. Curated and presented by Botanical Colors’ Founder Kathy Hattori and me, Amy DuFault, Botanical Colors’ Sustainability and Social Media Director, what started out as a way to connect with our community during the pandemic has turned into what’s almost like church for the thousands who have shown up.

It’s pretty special to Kathy and I too.

What inspiration have we garnered this year learning how to bundle, rust and indigo dye? How about making books and paper dyeing with inks? What have we learned about history and racism and environmental issues around color? How will we continue to look forward thinking about regional color, regional fiber and developing community support as part of our dye practice? How about the history of color and pigments and indigenous practices? Who will ever forget the first time Kathy was unleashed to answer all of your burning natural dye questions and didn’t stop for an hour with answers?

This year was one to remember and we want to be part of all that was positive for you. And though we joke around a lot, we really do thank you and are so grateful for your support, for your friendship and for pushing us to be better.

Thanks to our Botanical Colors’ team member Dakota Batch for compiling this FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights 2020 video for us and for editing all the other things we said in the intro and outro that was just plain weird. We made Dakota pick because we loved too many of our FEEDBACK FRIDAY presentations. So for New Years Day? Settle in and just binge watch on our Videos page and get inspired, laugh a little, laugh a lot, realize whether beginner or pro, you can natural dye and above all, have FUN.

Happy New Year!!

Also, for those of you who know we have our very own theme song (written and performed by Jimmie Snider), here are the words you always ask for:


Well it’s the end of the week, now where ya been you know it’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY, so come on in…

Come sit down, and stare at your screen, we’ve got a presenter that you’ve never seen

We’re FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we’re on the loose, we’ll be the train, you be the caboose

It’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY with Kathy and Amy, like mashed potatoes and the gravy

FEEDBACK FRIDAY all day long,


(and then that cool guitar part that is way reminiscent of an 80s sitcom)

4 thoughts on “FEEDBACK FRIDAY Highlights Video of 2020 (And Happy New Year!)”

  1. Thank you for creating this Feedback Friday Highlight show. Watching Feedback Fridays has given me a whole new creative path – sewing my own wardrobe from fabrics I dye myself from Botanical Colors ingredients! As I watch this video I am dyeing a beautiful piece of raw silk with pomegranate dye. Tomorrow I will make another Strata top (Sew-Liberated) for myself.
    Thank you!

  2. Happy New Year Kathy and Amy and thank you for this wonderful video, it is a lovely reminder of all the happy and informative Fridays you shared with us through challenging months.Now, I plan to go back to my favorites and listen while I dye and the snow comes down! Wishes for good health and color filled days!

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