I’m the guest blogger for Cotton Clouds this month

Dyed samples with EZ Dye cotton. Three of these colors ended up in the final kit.

I’m the guest blogger for the month at Cotton Clouds. Check out their new EZ Dye kits using a non-toxic pretreated cotton that takes natural dyes beautifully with no mordanting!

The colors are so interesting – a slightly different palette than other natural dyes on cotton – these tones will go beautifully with most interior colors.  The toothy cotton yarn is perfect for weaving 6 generously sized table napkins that are ideal for summertime picnics or casual dining.

Check out the EZ Dye Cotton kit on the Cotton Clouds website.  It’s a fun and easy project!

Here are the final colors of the EZ Dye Cotton kit. From left: Squash Blossom Yellow (fustic), Summer Rose (lac) and Palm Beach Blue (Saxon Blue). So easy and fun!