Organic Jeans, Naturally Sourced & Indigo Dyed in Northern California

rebecca burgess grow your own jeans

The San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Rebecca Burgess is on a quest for the perfect jeans. And by perfect, she means a good fit, but also something much deeper than that. Her denim has to have a good conscience.

Her dream pants need to be made without heavy metal-based synthetic dyes that pollute the environment, woven with non-GMO organic cotton, and constructed using materials sourced within 150 miles of her west Marin home. The garment must be handcrafted by local artists, not machines or destitute laborers in a faraway sweatshop.
It’s a tall order. So tall, she had to fill it herself by starting Fibershed — a community of Northern California farmers, ranchers and craftspeople willing to upend the textile industry with their own homestead clothing network…”

Burgess is also tapping into a 10-month natural indigo dye-making process. The Chronicle writes that “harvested indigo plants are stomped the same way wine grapes used to be, then put in piles to compost on a special floor made of stones, sand rice hulls and clay. The pile must be turned once a week for 100 days, then slowly fermented for about a month in water and lye made from wood ash and crushed lime.”

Fascinating story. Read the full article here.

An indigo plant at Black Mountain Farm in Nicasio. Marnie Jackson, owner of the farm, is a member of Fibershed, which is a community of Northern California farmers, ranchers and craftspeople making their own homestead clothing network. Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle

Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle