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Aquarelle Pomegranate Liquid is an easy to use liquid natural dye. In addition, it creates a bronze yellow or a beautiful olive green shade with iron. Aquarelle Pomegranate Liquid (Punica granatum) is known as anaar in India and granado in Spain. It grows wild in India, Italy, North Africa and China. People use Pomegranate in India as both a tannin-rich mordant and as a dye.

Each Aquarelle liquid natural dye is pre-extracted from a leaf, root, bark or other natural source. They combine easily. In addition, they produce beautiful shades.  Thicken with Print Paste Thickener.  After that, use for printing, painting and other surface design applications.

So make sure to check out the How To section on liquid natural dyes!

Color Ideas

Combine Pomegranate and Fustic create a beautiful rich gold shade

Mix Pomegranate and Madder create a rich red-orange

Tru Pomegranate and Iron to create shades from Lichen green to dark olive

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