Salvation Through Soy


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We are very happy that John Marshall decided to update his classic, Salvation Through Soy that covers all things soymilk!  The updated version – and it is definitely updated – contains sound guidance, experiments, techniques, hints and tips in 68 pages of full color images and illustrations.

John writes:

Are you soy curious? Are you tired of well-intentioned online advice that doesn’t quite hit the mark? Is your fabric stiff? Smelly? In need of redemption? Well then, this book is for you! Within you’ll find just about any and everything you’ll ever need to know about using soymilk to improve the quality of your dyes and your life.

Wrinkled and tired looking? Cured! Fading from UV exposure? Gone! Garments smelling like moldy blue cheese long forgotten in that dark corner of your fridge? Refreshed! This book covers it all.

Why, I’ve even included a luxurious silk chirimen sample, hand-dyed in Japan, produced using natural dyes and soymilk, as an example of this long and splendid tradition.

Paperback, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, lavishly illustrated color images and techniques.


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