A Heritage of Colour: Natural Dyes Past and Present by Jenny Dean


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A Heritage of Colour explores the techniques that can be used to create a wealth of colours from over 50 plants, including many that have been in use for over 2000 years. Inspired by the achievements of early dyers, the author describes some of the dyes and methods of the past and considers how they can be adapted for use today. The book covers all the basics of natural dyeing. It explains in detail how to experiment with local plants, with information on growing many of the dye plants. A Heritage of Colour also includes dyeing with lichens and fungi. In addition, contact printing on fabric using plant materials, dyeing with frozen flowers and creating multi-coloured skeins and fabrics. The emphasis throughout is on environmentally-friendly methods and on the thrill of personal discovery through practical experience.

With over 250 colour photographs, including photos of dyed samples for each plant.

Jenny Dean has been experimenting and working with natural dyes for four decades. She lectures on natural dyeing and has written widely on the subject. Her books include The Craft of Natural Dyeing, Wild Colour and Colours from Nature.

A Heritage of Colour was first published 2014 by Search Press, Kent, England (Paperback) and reprinted 2021 by Jenny Dean, Findon, West Sussex.

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