Wheat Bran Mordant Assist



Sold in 250g bags

Wheat bran is the outer layer (pericarp) of the wheat kernel. It is the part that gets removed when processing wheat grains into white flour. Bran is high in fiber for dietary purposes but provides a different function altogether when used for mordanting.

We like to use wheat bran mordant assist with aluminum acetate. It contains minerals that help enhance the aluminum acetate mordant and brighten dye colors. Complete instructions are available here. Wheat bran baths can be used several times before discarding. Wheat bran enzymes are also useful to remove starch from fibers.

A note for gluten allergies:

Wheat bran is not recommended for those with wheat gluten sensitivities or allergies. Our gluten-sensitive friends have reported no problems but everyone has a different tolerance level. Calcium carbonate also makes a good aluminum acetate mordant assist and does not contain gluten. Both wheat bran and calcium carbonate instructions are included on our how to mordant page.

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Weight 250 g
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