Cellulose Scour




Cellulose Scour – Designed for use with cellulose fibers. It works on cellulose and bast fibers in combination with soda ash and heat and thoroughly cleans cellulose fibers, removing excess wax and other materials which could inhibit the takeup of dye.

*Color will vary from clear to pale straw

  • 100 grams of Cellulose Scour is ample for cleansing 1800 grams (4 pounds) of fiber at 5.5%


Scouring is different than washing fabrics, and if you are scouring, you do not need to pre-wash the fibers.  All fibers should be pre-wet so absorption is even.


Cellulose scour liquid: the recommended amount of cellulose scour liquid is 5.5% of the weight of fiber, or 1 teaspoon for 100 grams of fiber.

Soda ash: the recommended amount of soda ash is 2% of the weight of fiber, or 1/2 teaspoon for 100 grams or 4 ounces of fiber.


This list of ingredients is for 100 grams/4 ounces of fiber. Adjust the amount of materials as necessary, per the percentage guidelines above.

  • 100 grams/4 ounces fiber
  • 5.5 grams/.2 ounces/1 teaspoon cellulose scour
  • 2 grams/.3 ounces/1/2 teaspoon soda ash
  • A container to dissolve the soda ash
  • A large stainless steel dye pot, large enough to hold your fibers with plenty of room to move around
  • Heat source


-Wet out the soda ash first with a little cold water, and then gradually add boiling water to dissolve.

-Fill a dye pot with enough room temperature water so the fibers move easily and place on a heating source. Add the cellulose scour and dissolved soda ash to the dye pot. Stir well.

-Add the wet fiber to the dye pot and slowly bring the temperature to 180°F, rotating the fibers gently.

-Hold at 180°F for 30 minutes.

-Remove fibers from the dye pot (be careful as it is very hot), rinse in cool water, extract excess water and proceed to mordanting.

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