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It’s no secret we love marigolds – a true workhorse in the dye garden whose shades range from bronzy yellow to gold when dyed fresh. So we are delighted to offer our popular Marigold Mix extract, a very bright and rich yellow color made from a mixture of marigold, kamala and tesu blossom extracts. Marigolds are native to Central America but are used as temple flowers in India and used lavishly during the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) when Mexican families celebrate their departed loved ones.  Elaborate altars and memorials are festooned with flowers, special sweets and remembrances of family members. A trip to the cemetery to clean and decorate graves, reminisce and celebrate are all part of this special ceremony.

We were especially pleased at how well Marigold Mix dyes cellulose fibers. (Kamala alone works best with animal fibers and silk) So it’s a great way to create that sunny yellow on cotton and linen.

We use 1% wof to add a bright note to other yellow dyes, such as pomegranate and myrobalan. When mixed with madder extract, it creates a vivid reddish-orange.  User higher percentages of the dye, up to 10%, to create tropical yellow and mango orange shades.

Marigold mix works with any natural fiber. Mordant with the appropriate mordant and then measure from 1-10% on wof. The higher percentages will give you darker shades. If you add a tiny amount of soda ash to the dye liquid, the color will turn slightly more orange.

Dye at 130-150F for 30-45 minutes and then remove the goods, let cool and rinse. Dry away from the sun.


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