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Tara is the Quecha word for the shrubby tree Caesalpinia tinctoria, native to South America. Tara seeds are used as a food grade thickener and the pods have traditional medicinal uses. The pods are also the source of the dye.

Tara powder is widely used as a light-colored tannin in the leather industry. It has a high gallic acid tannin content between 30 and 50% tannins, making it ideal for mordanting. Like many high tannin dyes, it has a pleasant, tea-like aroma. We like to use tara for gray and purple by adding iron to the dye pot. For more details about using tara powder, please see our how to page.

From our Feedback Friday series:

I’m about to place an order but I can’t make up my mind on what to choose between gallo-tannin and Tara.
In the gallo description it says that “Tara is a very light tannin, similar to our tannin extract.” It also says that gallo “contains approximately 50-60% tannin” and Tara is “between 30 and 50% tannin”. If I understand correctly, gallo can be the same or twice the strength of tara?

It is possible that gallo tannin has more tannin than tara but the percentage varies, but generally, gallo tannin is the “strongest” tannin.

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