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Tannin extract comes from gall nuts, which contain approximately 50-60% tannin and has a lovely tea-like aroma. The dye is very light, imparting a subtle beige color. Its power comes when it is combined with iron to create silver, gray and black in combination with other dyes.

250 grams of Tannin will mordant approximately 5000 grams (11 lbs) of goods when used at 5% wof.

If you are interested in other dyes that have high tannin content, we also carry Chestnut extract, Myrobalan extract, Cutch extract, Wattle extract, Walnut Hulls and Tara Extract.

Tara is a very light tannin, similar to our Tannin extract. When combined with iron, makes a cool gray.

Chestnut imparts a light yellow hue and when combined with Iron, makes a warm gray.

Myrobalan imparts a medium yellow hue and with Iron, makes a warm gray.  If you are using an Alum mordant, the gray shifts to a cooler hue.

Cutch is a medium to dark brown

Wattle dyes a light rosy beige.

Quebracho is a reddish brown.

Walnut Hulls create a silver-beige to dark brown

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