Dried Weld Flowers


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Dried Weld Flowers  Weld (Reseda luteola) is the most lightfast of the yellow dyes, used by ancient tapestry weavers in Central Asia, Turkey and Europe. Weld is the brightest and clearest yellow flower dye. In combination with iron, weld creates a rich chartreuse, or when underdyed with light indigo  yields a clear lime green. We are happy to carry beautiful dried weld flowers from Washington State. They are sweet-smelling and very potent.

For best results, use between 20-50% weight of fiber (wof) and save the dye bath for additional, paler shades. Adding a pinch (0.5%) of soda ash and calcium carbonate to weld while you are dyeing deepens the shade and the color yield from the dyestuff. Leftover dye baths create a lemon yellow shade.

The 100g bag contains a mix of weld flowers, stems and leaves.  Use all of the plant in the dye pot.

Do you want to grow your own weld?  All those tiny round brown specks in the bottom of the bag are weld seeds! Save a few and start your own plants.

We regret that we cannot ship flowers internationally.

  • 75 g of Weld will dye approximately 150-350 grams (approx. 5-12 oz) of fiber to a bright yellow shade

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