Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Heidi Gustafson & Book Of Earth

On our last FEEDBACK FRIDAY we had Book of Earth author, artist and ochre translator, Heidi Gustafson. Heidi is based in the Cascade foothills of rural northern Washington. Her collaborative ochre and iron research projects include work with scientists, anthropologists, linguists, indigenous practioners, citizen foragers, healers, artists and places around the planet. Heidi’s current projects focus on ochre, iron oxides and land pigments and her cabin/studio houses the Ochre Sanctuary, a counsel of ochres and pigments from contributors world-wide.

She also just published the most beautiful book ever called Book of Earth.

Watch the recording below.



About Heidi:

Early Futures is the research site of artist Heidi Gustafson (and collaborators). Current projects focus on ochre, iron oxides, earth pigments and subtle Earth activism. Heidi’s cabin in the rural North Cascades shelters the Ochre Sanctuary project, a transforming body and future earthwork made with ochres and earth pigments gathered by humans worldwide.

Heidi Gustafson is an artist and ochre specialist based in the rainy, volcanic North Cascades of rural northern Washington. Her intuitive practice and ochre sanctuary project has been featured in The New York Times, American Craft, This is Colossal, The Dark Mountain Project, China Life Magazine and several other publications and books including True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dye and Pigment and The Soil Keepers. She’s been a mentor to several pigment artists/researchers and co-founded the Pigments Revealed International Symposium with Melonie Ancheta and Wild Pigment Project‘s Tilke Elkins.

Graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art’s event-based sculpture department, studied forensic science at the University of Baltimore and holds an MA in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies.


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