Video From Live FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Mushrooms + Textile Design With Ximena Curiel

Last week on FEEDBACK FRIDAY, we welcomed Ximena Curiel who told us a personal story about her path as an artist and all about her exciting work with mushrooms and textile design!

Ximena Curiel is a Product designer with a MSc in Biomimicry currently performing field and laboratory research on fungal pigments. Ximena says since she was young, “she experienced the kindness of nature, while growing up in the jungles of southeast Mexico.” From first hand observations, she’s watched how ecosystems have degraded while her love for all living things lead her to nurture connections between biology and design. She says she thinks not only about bio-materials but also how to design companies that could work collaboratively like a forest or a mangrove. She calls herself a “Biopreneur” who in addition to creating holistic systems, manufactures bio-based inks for fabric printing.

Check out her Instagram page here.

Watch the recording below.

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