Video: Live Q&A On Aquarelle Liquid Dyes

We have lots of people that buy our Aquarelle liquid dyes and just as many with questions on how to use them. Each Aquarelle liquid natural dye is pre-extracted from a leaf, root, bark or other natural source and can combine easily to produce beautiful shades. They can also be used to thicken with Print Paste Thickener for printing, painting and other surface design applications.
Watch the video recording here to learn something new!

FEEDBACK FRIDAY questions on liquid dyes:

Do you mix your liquid dyes together in the pot or always dye one first then overdye with the darker color?

The Aquarelle Liquid dyes may be combined in the dye pot, including mixing Saxon Blue with other liquids.  They may also be combined with the powdered dyes, too.  Expect some unexpected results!

I’m really interested in creating paints out of natural dyes. Can you use both your extracts and liquid dyes to make them?

You can! If you are using powdered extracts, dissolve the powder in about 50 ml (1.75 ounce) of boiling water. Add the desired amount of thickener to the dissolved dye mixture.

If you are using Aquarelle liquid dyes, mix the desired amount of thickener with the dye until it is the required consistency.

We have more print paste thickening instructions here.

We also think these books are pretty great at inspiring and guiding you through the process:

Botanical Inks: Plant-to-Print Dyes, Techniques and Projects by Babs Behan

The Art and Science of Natural Dyes: Principles, Experiments, and Results