The Fine Art of Making Scissors

A good pair of scissors is a must for any craftsperson and a fine pair of handmade scissors is a very special pleasure.  No wonder we keep them safely tucked away and bring them out only for those times when we are mending or stitching. When I visited Paris in the early 1990’s, I was seeking a shop that specialized in fine needle arts tools.  Although there were a number of antique dealers with beautiful old sewing collections, I could not locate a sewing supply that carried wonderful professional quality  scissors.  Luckily, Sajou has revitalized the art of handmade scissors … Read more

Handwoven Fair Trade Wool Shawl – Temporarily out of stock

Something for cooler weather that takes dyes beautifully. Our sumptuous wool shawl is handwoven of fine wool in a lofty, gauzy weave. Large enough for a wrap but light and soft enough as an oversized scarf. Handknotted decorative fringe. Size is a generous 79”x39” (200×100 cm). 100% wool.   $34.00 Color Natural $34.00

Handwoven Silk Tussah Gauze Shawl-Temporarily Out of Stock

One of the really fun things about working with suppliers around the world is when DHL drives up and the very nice driver lugs a bucket, barrel or box up the long driveway. The dog is barking wildly, desperately trying to make best friends before I drag in the goods and close the front door. We both eye the parcel (he sniffs it), and depending where it’s from start unraveling packing tape or string to see what’s inside. I just received a cache of gorgeous handwoven scarves and shawls that are a delight to dye and look beautiful colored with … Read more

Fil au Chinois Waxed Linen Thread Cards

Before there were wooden and plastic thread spools, there were thread cards. These threads are decoratively wrapped around a Fil au Chinois cardboard holder in a beautiful star pattern and come in saturated bright colors. Each color has a different depiction of the Fil au Chinois character. Choose from 6 individual colors or a six pack of all the colors.  Available online only. $9.00 each or $46 for the set of 6 Color Golden Yellow $9.00 USDOrange $9.00 USDGarnet $9.00 USDRed $9.00 USDRose $9.00 USDAzure $9.00 USD6 Pack $46.00 USD