Naturally Dyed Paste Papers from Deena Schnitman

Deena created these beautiful paste papers from Botanical Colors natural dyes and was inspired by ancient designs and forms from nature.  The art of paste paper making dates from the 17th century and were most commonly used as endpapers or book covers in bookbinding, but they also make beautiful accents for a journal or collage or lovely wrapping paper for a very special gift.  Deena uses indigo, Saxon Blue, logwood, cochineal, madder, weld and other plant dyes to create her designs which are pulled on high quality heavyweight paper.  Deena creates a complex design through the interaction of the various natural dye colors and the marks made on the paper that she draws into the colored paste.

Each sheet is an original and unique work of art.    There are 6 different paste paper patterns to a set and each sheet  is approximately 8.5 x 10.5 inches each but the sizes vary slightly. The set comes in a reclosable clear plastic sleeve. A wonderful gift for the paper fancier among your friends.

Choose from the following colorways:

  • Wandering Path (red, pink, purple, blue)
  • Red Garden (red, pink, gold, purple)
  •  Andes Highlands (gold, green, purple,maroon)
  •  Machu Pichu (bronze, gold, purple, teal, moss)
  •  Mayan Temple (turquoise, brown, terra cotta, green, gold)

$24 each set of 6 sheets

Select a Pattern

Naturally dyed paste paper
WANDERING PATH- cochineal, indigo and logwood
Naturally dyed paste paper
RED GARDEN - cochineal, madder,logwood, weld
Naturally dyed paste paper
ANDES HIGHLANDS - Logwood Purple, Madder, Cochineal, Weld
Naturally dyed paste paper
MACHU PICCHU - Logwood, weld, Indigo
Naturally dyed paste paper
MAYAN TEMPLE: - Indigo, natural earth pigments